South Korea: Cho Kyu-hyun from Super Junior injured by woman carrying knife

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South Korea: Cho Kyu-hyun from Super Junior injured by woman carrying knifeLegacy

A woman in her thirties stormed into the backstage area of a local theatre, wielding a knife and injuring Super Junior member Cho Kyu-hyun, yesterday in Seoul at around 4pm.

The K-pop star was meeting other actors on the show when he sustained a cut on his finger during the altercation. The woman has since been apprehended.

Local police are conducting investigations into how the assailant obtained the knife and whether there are any links to mental health issues.

According to local sources, the woman reportedly has no acquaintance with Kyuhyun or any of the other actors in the theatre dressing room.

Kyuhyun’s management agency communicated with the local newspaper JoongAng Daily.

“Kyuhyun suffered a small cut on his finger, which was treated right away on site.”

The 35 year old star has been performing in a Korean version of Ben-Hur, as the lead. Ben-Hur centres around a Jewish nobleman who is bound to slavery after his adopted brother Messala accused him of treason, reported BBC News.

Born in 1988, Cho Kyu-hyun is a musical theatre actor, television host, and lead singer of Korean boyband Super Junior since 2006.

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